Coconut Beach Gem

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Exclusive!, Pending Sale! $219,000 USD - Residential Land

Coconut Beach Gem in Placer is a large lot located on a beautiful beach that boasts some of the best snorkeling in the area. The property is 31 meters wide by 151 meters deep which is just over 1 acres and is zoned for a variety of commercial or residential opportunities. Coconut Beach Gem is with a wide variety of lush vegetation and palm trees.

Coconut Beach Gem is located near the north entrance to Placer, which is three km (2 miles) from the paved access road that leads to Mahahual. It’s zoned for high-density use and could easily be developed for a full or part time residence, or perhaps a small hotelito or bed-‘n-breakfast. The price of the lot, combined with its unusually large size, high density zoning and accessible location, also make the lot ideal for a small commercial enterprise that could provide goods and services to this growing beach community.

Coconut Beach Gem is served by the new electrical grid extension that was recently installed.  Rio Indio–Sapphire Beach is the only non-commercial beach community to have access to dependable, Federally-subsidized electricity outside of Mahahual.

Centered in the Costa Maya is the small town of Mahahual. Once a sleepy fishing village, Mahahual has grown into a small resort town with charming hotels and a wide range of dining and shopping opportunities. Costa Maya offers a wide range of spectacular water activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea and bone fishing, paddle boarding, swimming and just plain relaxing on the beach!

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Only several hundred meters offshore, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef protects the coastline from possible turbulent seas. The coral reef, often known as the Mayan Barrier Reef, is the second largest barrier reef in the world – second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – and extends 965 kilometers (600 miles) from the Yucatan Peninsula to Honduras. Costa Maya is diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise and the home to five hundred species of fish and one of the largest colonies of manatees on the planet.

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