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NuVista Real Estate can help you find your dream home or lot, sell your Costa Maya property, obtain or verify property documentation, pay real estate taxes, lot cleaning and property surveying. If you want a federal zone concession, are having issues with your property, or you are ready to plan and build, we can help you!

Available services are:

  • Ownership dispute resolution
  • Federal Zone concession permit acquisition
  • Surveying, topographical studies and property demarcation
  • Clearing, trimming or cleaning. If your land has thick growth, a path to the beach or area of interest should be made for buyers to walk along.
  • Fencing
  • Ownership signage
  • Ownership documentation
  • Electrical service installation (where available)
  • Insect management
  • Trash clean up and/or beach raking before you arrive for a visit/vacation, or have it cleaned so we can take the best photos so your buyers will want to envision themselves there!
  • Generate a report to show the rental history or rental potential, typical occupancy for the area, rates and return per year if the property has been or could be participating in a rental program.
  • Make an investment package to show projections of anticipated build costs and profits of a potential project that could be built on a particular piece of land.
  • We can even arrange to have your zoning verified and obtain feasibility study approvals to verify the occupancy and unit sizes that could be built on a particular lot.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning


Property line cut, allowing beach access


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