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NuVista Real Estate’s expertise in Selling Properties Costa Maya – Mahahual Mexico is evidenced by our outstanding sales record  and satisfied clients.

We use a different approach than all other offices in this region, and in fact, most of Mexico.  We know that selling your property requires exposure and effort.  Most offices will simply just list your property on their website with a couple of imprinted photos so other Realtors can’t copy them.   We want other realtors to use our photos and also list your property on their site!!   Why?  Because they can bring us a buyer!  It’s all about numbers…If your property is linked/listed on 100 different websites, it has much more exposure than being viewed on just 1 website.

Our website is simply a property catalog to refer our Real Estate advertisements too; selling your property requires exposure to many different types of media, in various languages in order to allow buyers from all over the world to know about your property.  This exposure takes time and costs money on our end, which is why we use exclusive agreements in order to commit us to promoting and marketing your property by informing the wide world of buyers and other Realtors that your property exists, and we can ensure we receive a commission for our efforts.

Exclusive is the keyword here. Real Estate companies in Mexico will not or cannot afford to invest in the active promotion of your property unless there are funds available. An exclusive agency agreement ensures that the selling Agency will receive at last half of the commission at the time of sale. Without this assurance of some kind of return on their marketing investment, listing agents without an agreement are often paid nothing.  This is why most agencies without agreements simply list properties on their website, and put up a for sale sign.  This limits a sellers exposure to no-cost marketing efforts, one website and random drive-bys.

There are a myriad of outlets to inform the buying public of your properties existence, starting with the internet. More than 80% of the buying public starts their search for a home or a property on the internet. Your Selling agency should have a strong internet presence with search engine optimization, and a great website optimized for cell phone viewing that’s readable in multiple languages.

We will also utilize videography and aerial photography when appropriate.

Below is a partial list of marketing outlets that we will engage to promote, market and sell your listing with us:

  • Custom websites like our CoCoVillas Website.
  • Professional signage to inform all of those driving by.
  • Co-brokering with other agencies: We want other agents to know about your property, therefore, we will produce and provide a Fact Sheet with photos and property data let them know about and also promote your property. This is a cooperative and diverse rather than a cut-throat approach to marketing.
  • Social media, such as Facebook: NuVista will have a Facebook page dedicated to presenting its listings.
  • Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum real estate guides as applicable. Mahahual has its own distinct character, as do the other Mexican Caribbean markets.
  • The written word: the are numerous newspapers and magazines dedicated to helping people find an appropriate spot to retire, an investment or a second home. International Living, Escape Artist, Vivian and Yucatan Today are just a few publications who need content to sell their product.
  • Monthly newsletter: NuVista will produce its own monthly newsletter to inform the marketplace of current news pertaining to our area, along with our new and featured listings.
  • Direct email: A greener variation on an old standby. We have a direct mailing list with thousands of emails.
  • Window shopping: Rather than a single location in town or along the well-traveled malecon (boardwalk) in Mahahual, we will post three or four enclosed real estate display cabinets featuring nine properties each with a Fact Sheet in an At-a-Glance format with photos. There are also about two dozen high visibility bulletin boards around town that are magnets for tourists and locals alike. We’ll post on them.
  • Local internet press: Unidos Mahahual and Todosomos are followed by locals and foreigners alike who want to keep up with the local culture.
  • The huge Mexican national market: A lot of Mexicans from the large cities within Mexico have vacation or second homes along the Caribbean. The strongest market surge in the last year or so has been Mexican nationals who have suddenly discovered their Caribbean coast. (Mahahual is now advertised by the tourism board on public television in Mexico City.) Everyone already knows there’s not much beachfront left available – particularly at reasonable prices. NuVista’s advertising campaign is bi-lingual as are several of our agents.
  • Proven track record: The principals of NuVista have 40 years of experience in buying, selling and developing real estate in both the mid-Atlanta and western regions of the U.S., as well as Mexico, Belize and the shores of Jamaica. This experience has taught the irreplaceable values of attention to detail and quality service at every level. Knowledge, Experience, Integrity.  When we say it, we mean it.
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